2nd International Workshop on Micronutrients and Child Health (MCHWS-2014) 3rd - 7th November 2014

Jointly Organized By: Human Nutrition Unit, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Indian Academy of Pediatrics (Sub-specialty Chapter on Nutrition) and Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research

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Topic  Speaker  Chairpersons 
3rd November, 2014                 
Welcome Address and Objectives of the International Workshop   Prof. HPS Sachdev, India   
Brief of Scientific Programme of the International Workshop  Prof. Umesh Kapil, India   
Inaugural Address  Dr. V.M Katoch, India   
Presidential Address  Dr. M.C Misra  
Address by Guest of Honour  Prof. RAM Rajasekharan, India  
Vote of Thanks  Dr. Panna Chaudhary, India   
Inaugural Tea     
Scientific Session- I   1. Dr. Kumud Khanna         2. Dr. B Sesikeran 3. Dr. Sailesh Mohan
Key Note Address-I: Use and Abuse of Dietary Fats and its Relevance to Cardiovascular disease (CVD) Dr. B. Sesikeran, India    
Key Note Address-II: Cost-effectiveness of different Fats and Oil available in the country with special emphasis on Low Income Group  Dr. R.P.Singh, India  
Trends in consumption of Fats and Oil among Tribal and Rural Population over a period of 40 years: Findings of National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau Surveys 

Dr. Laxmiah, India 


Scientific basis of Fats  Requirement for Indians and Recent trends in CVD   Dr. I. Ahamad, India   
Managing Metabolic Syndrome and CHD Risk Factors:  Evidence based re-examination of  macro nutrients from the  Malaysian Population Prospective Study Dr. Kalyana Sundram, Malaysia  
Lunch and Press Conference     
Scientific Session- II   1. Dr. K. Sundram    2. Dr. Rajesh Kapur 
 Saturated Fatty acid, Palm oil and Cardiovascular Health- Where do we stand today? Dr. Pramod Khosla, USA  
Demystifying Saturated Fats Prof.  Indu Mani, India   
Neuroprotective Effects of Palm Vitamin E Tocotrienols  Prof. Yuen Kah hay, Malaysia  
Potential use of  Red Palm Oil in Combating Vitamin A Deficiency in India Dr. Manorma K, India  
Cardio Protective Effects of Palm Oil: Evidence from Animal Studies (RPO)  Dr. S.K Maulik,  India  
Dietary Fats: Public Health Policies for reducing NCD's Dr S Mohan, India   

Question-Answer and Discussions


 All Delegates  

4th November, 2014  

Do water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition interact? Dr Wolf-Peter Schmidt, UK

1. Dr. B.S Garg                    2. Dr. Venkatesh Mannar 3. Dr. Shiela Vir 

Creating an Enabling Environment through PPCP (Public, Private and Community Partnership Model): An experience from Bangladesh  Basanta Kumar Kar, Bangladesh  
Panel Session: Challenges and Opportunities in integrating and implementing WASH and Nutrition Dr. Karen Cunningham, Dr. Rajan Sankar, Ms. Geetu Verma, Mr. R.P Gupta   
The Challenges of evaluating Vitamin A Intervention Programs: Policy Prespectives  Prof. HPS Sachdev, India   
Vitamin A supplementation program; success and challenges: Global Perspective  Dr. Jee. Hyun , India   
 Impact of Vitamin A supplementation of Under Five Mortality: Evidence from India and way forward Dr. Sila Deb,  India/ Dr Shally Awasthi, India   
Prevention of Neonatal Sepsis using VSL#3 Dr. Anju Sinha, India   
Role of Probiotics in Promoting Health of Neonates and Young Children Dr. Mariella Baldassarre, Italy   
Poster Session and Lunch    1. Dr. Lizmitha Godwin  2. Dr. C.A Kalpana           3. Dr. Lina Bandyopadhyay
Benefits of Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation to School Children Dr. Sivakumar, India  1. Dr. Ajay Khera              2. Dr. Rajiv Tandon        3. Dr. Rajesh Kapur 
Community Based Management of SAM Children Part-I  Dr. Vandana Krishnan, India   
Community Based Management of SAM Children Part-II Dr. Yara Sfeir, France    
Panel Discussion on CMAM Dr. Rajiv Tandon, India, Dr. Lalit Kumar Gupta, India,   Smt J.P Irene, India  
Evidences Based Strategies for prevention and Control of Anemia Amongst Mothers and Children in Developing Countries  Dr. Anura Kurpad, India   
 Oral Presentation and Award Session  All Delegates

1. Dr. Shyam Prakash      2. Dr. SB Dikshit                3. Dr. Vanisha Nambiar 4. Dr. Meenakshi Garg 

5th November, 2014 

Key Note Address: Food Fortification as a Strategy for Prevention and Control of Micronutrient Malnutrition   Dr. V. Mannar, Canada  1. Prof. Vijay Raghavan  2. Dr. S.K Nanda 3. Dr. Rakesh Kumar 4. Dr. Anura Kurpad 
Implementing National Fortification Programs: Lessons Learned Towards Achieving Impact Food Fortification Initiative  Dr. Greg Garrett  
Successful Atta Flour Fortification: using Bioavailable Iron Compounds to Increase the Intake if Dietary Iron Dr. R. Hurell, Switzerland  
Efficacy of Sodium Iron EDTA in the Fortification Programs  Dr. Anura Kurpad, India  
Global Burden of Neural Tube Defects, Risk Factors, Prevention and the Role of Folic Acid Dr. Scott Montgomery  
Introducing fortified rice through public and private sector  :  Global experience and the way forward Arvind Betigeri, India  
Food Fortification in India - experience from two large Indian states - Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh Dr. Deepti Gulati,  India  
Poster Session and Lunch    1. Dr. Rekha Battalwar        2. Dr. Padmasani Venkat  Ramanan    3. Dr. Umesh R Dixit  4. Dr. Rakesh Kakkar
Rice fortification-why, what, how and global  evidence

Ms Lynnda Keiss, Italy

1. Dr. Basanta Kar  2. Dr. Madhavan Nair
WFP experience on Rice fortification in India  Dr. Shariqua Yunus, India  
Micronutrient powders: Current Global Programme Implementation Status and Challenges Dr. Roland Kupka,USA  
Biofortification of cereals for enhanced nutrition: strategies, status and future directions  Dr. Kedar Rai, India  
Biofortification of Rice/Pearl Millet  Mr. Samuel Scott, USA   
Oral Presentation and Award Session  All Delegates  1. Dr. Sheel Sharma             2. Dr. G.K Kalsi  3. Dr. Ashok  Bhardwaj 4.  Dr. Anmol Gupta 
6th November, 2014      
Combating Anemia: Role of Various Interventions  Dr. Tarun Gera, India  1. Dr. C.S Pandav                 2. Dr. Jee 
Prof. M.G. Karmakar Memorial Symposium on IDD    
Contribution of India in global elimination of IDD Dr. Rajan Sankar  
IDD elimination in Thailand  Dr. Sangsom Sinawat, Thailand   
IDD elimination in Sri Lanka  Dr. Renuka Jayatissa, Srilanka  
IDD elimination in Bhutan  Dr. Jigmay Singay, Bhutan   
IDD monitoring laboratory and elimination of IDD in South-East Asia Region  Dr. Madan Godbole, India    
Symposium on Double Fortified Salt     
Double fortified salt : From evidence to Programming for Prevention of  Anemia and  IDD Dr V Mannar, Canada 1. Dr. Rakesh Kumar   2. Dr. V. Mannar    3. Dr. Rajesh Mehta 4. Dr. Anura Kurpad
Scale up of DFS Technology for Inclusion in Social Safety Net Programs in India Mr. Suvabrata Dey, India  Dr. Anura Kurpad 
Ensuring compatibility of multiple fortification of salt with universal iodization programs as well as considerations to limit salt intake Dr. Malvika Vinod Kumar, India   
Combating IDD and Anemia through DFS based on NIN Technology Dr. Madhavan Nair, India   
Poster Session and Lunch   1. Mrs. Rumi Goswami Mahanta   2. Dr. Pradeep Aggarwal 3. Dr. Brij Sharma 4. Dr. Anuradha Goyal
Spot Testing Kits – MBI  Monitoring of Iodization of salt with Field Test Kit Mr. D Chandrasekhar, India, Dr. Siri Nair, India   1. Dr. Shiela Vir  2. Dr. V.K Srivastav 3. Dr. Rajiv Yervadekar 
Weekly Iron Folic Acid Supplementation: Global Evidence and Strategies 

Dr. Tommaso Cavalli-
Sforza,  Italy

Weekly Iron Folic Acid Supplementation: Current Status and Challenges in India  TBC: MOHFW-India   
Multi-Micronutrient Fortification of Ready to Eat Food to Reduce Anemia and Morbidity amongst Children   Prof. Anand Pandit, India   
Zinc Supplementation: Global and Regional Updates Dr. Genevieve Begkoyian   
Childhood Diarrhoea Management Program through Zinc and ORS: Lessons and Implications for Scale-up  Dr. Sucharita Dutta   
Oral Presentation and Award Session  All Delegates  1. Dr.Sadhana Joshi         2. Dr. Tulika Goswami     3. Dr. Deepthi N Shanbhag 

7th November, 2014 

Impact of point of care multiple micronutrient fortification on anemia, iron status and cognitive development of Preschoolers   Dr. Madhavan Nair, India  1. Dr. Sila Deb 2.  Dr. Venkatesh Mannar
Epidemic of Vitamin D Deficiency:Myth or Reality ?Strategies for its Control, Prevention and Management Dr. Ravinder Goswami, India   
Iron Supplementation in anemic pregnant and Non Pregnant Women and Non Anemic Pregnant Women  Dr. Ajay Khera, India   

Estimation of Micronutrient Deficiencies : Methodological Issue

Dr. G.S Toteja, India    
Research Priorities in Field of Maternal and Child Health in Developing Countries  Dr. Reeta Rasaily   
Can we Reduce Anemia by Vitamin B12 Supplementation  Dr. G.S Toteja, India    
Poster Session and Lunch     
Relevance of Lancet Nutrition Series for Developing Countries  Dr. Panna Chaudhary, India   

Can be Vitamin B12 Supplementation Reduce Prevalence of Anemia

Dr. G.S Toteja, India   
Concluding Session followed by Lunch